Spring 2021 Faculty Seminar

Do you long for time and support to improve your writing assignments? Are you curious about how to help students to write more effectively in their disciplines? Do you wish that evaluating students’ writing could be less time consuming and more impactful? Do you worry about students’ writing abilities but aren’t sure how to help?

The Campus Writing and Speaking Program invites nominations and applications for a stipend-based spring semester faculty seminar focused on incorporating writing into existing undergraduate courses. Each faculty participant will receive a stipend of $500 at the conclusion of the seminar.

The Seminar will meet online, with alternate one-hour synchronous meetings and one-hour asynchronous videos plus some light work on the off-weeks. Meetings will be determined via Doodle poll based on the schedules of all applicants, with the days and times chosen from when the greatest number can meet. However, the entire group may be divided into two smaller groups who would meet on different days and at different times if the result accommodates the greatest number of applicants. Those for whom it will be impossible to meet are welcome to apply again during the next academic year.

Participants agree to attend the online meetings during the spring semester, 2021; prepare a brief report of the changes they have made in their course(s) as a result of the seminar; and optionally share their work informally (usually in pairs) at a 1-hour CWSP lunch (or, if necessary, Zoom) meeting during the 2021-2022 academic year. Meetings will offer a workshop format with a mix of expert advice, discussion, and hands-on work. Dr. Chris Anson, the seminar leader, will be available to work with participants as needed between meetings to assist with the creation of writing outcomes for the course(s); the revision of the existing course syllabus; the design of materials such as assignments, evaluation criteria, and useful handouts or web-based materials for students; and the preparation of the final report. The seminar is limited to 12 participants. Full-time faculty in all positions are invited. If you are unable to participate or have received this because you are a department administrator, please pass this announcement on to all interested faculty.

  • Applicants must be available on the days and times to be chosen. Please note that missing two or more meetings will forfeit the stipend, but you may continue to attend.
  • The course(s) to be improved should be offered at least once every two years. Participants do not have to be teaching the course while enrolled in the seminar. Graduate courses are also eligible.

To apply for the seminar, visit https://go.ncsu.edu/cwsp-2021-seminar. Applications must be submitted by December 10.