Teaching with Wikis Across Disciplines

Three presenters from different disciplines will share their experiences teaching with Wikipedia and wiki assignments. Participants are also invited to discuss using wikis in their own classes.

Paul Fyfe (English), “Wikified class notes and collaboration”
“As a platform for collaboration, wikis offer interesting ways to coordinate student work within and across classes. Paul will share several examples from literary studies pedagogy.”

Meghan Manfra (College of Education), “Wikipedia and Strategies for Teaching Historical Thinking”
“Many teachers do not allow students to use Wikipedia for classroom research or to cite Wikipedia entries as part of their reference list. However, teachers might be missing an important opportunity to leverage Wikipedia to help students understand important concepts related to historical thinking, including the use of evidence and the development of historical accounts.”

Kris Alpi (NCSU Libraries/College of Veterinary Medicine), “Challenges in sharing biographical content through Wikipedia”
“Students researching the stories of diverse others want to share what they have learned. While global availability of Wikipedia attracts, the rules of engagement for creating new biographical content can be discouraging.”